Which national teams are the powerhouses in futsal?

Futsal bets

Undoubtedly Brazil, Spain, Italy, Portugal and even Russia. A fairly similar picture to that of the World Cup or the European Championship, even if we miss teams like Germany. 

In terms of national leagues or championships, without a doubt one of the most outstanding alongside the Brazilian is the Spanish National Futsal League or LNFS.  

A sports association made up of the clubs that participate in the professional futsal leagues in our country, founded in 1989, and which currently has two categories: the First Division, made up of 16 teams, and the lower one, known as the Second Division, which has 14 teams. 

Futsal betting strategies and techniques

Futsal betting tips

Futsal betting is one of the most exciting bets we can find today in the world of sports betting. 

The scores tend to be very tight and the excitement tends to last until the end, all supported by new regulations that promote the spectacle above all else. 

Thus, when a player is sent off, his team will play with one player less (4) for 2 minutes or until a goal is conceded. 

In addition, at the sixth foul committed during one of the periods of the match, the offending team will be punished with a double penalty. 

As you can see, different and attractive variants that make one of the most intelligent futsal bets as a tactic is the over x goals, together with the double predictions. 

Always in favour of the team we think is weaker (and which will have a higher odds associated with it, of course). 

Rumour has it that it is precisely because of this high variability of results that bookmakers avoid betting on live futsal. 

This is not the case with our chosen bookmaker, bet365, as we will see below. 

Other interesting betting strategies

Futsal betting

Another interesting strategy is the double result strategy. 

For example, we will choose a team that is not among the favourites and occupies an average position in the LNFS table to play a home game against a top team. 

For this we will have to familiarise ourselves with the league, which is not very complicated, as the bookmakers only cover the teams in the DivisiĆ³n de Honor. 

You can also follow the matches on the LNFS website.

Finally, one of the most popular techniques and strategies is to bet on the draw. 

Obviously we should do this between teams that we perceive to be very evenly matched and that do not score many goals. 

The trick here is that the odds on draws are usually much higher. Sometimes these are in the form of SuperBets which you can check here for daily updates. 

My opinion

Futsal betting can be profitable and an excellent form of entertainment that combines our passion for the sport with the chance to win some money while having a fantastic time. 

It’s a vibrant sport, with a lot of game alternatives and exciting, so sports betting in this case adds a plus that makes it one of the favourites here. 

What are your favourite futsal betting techniques, tips and strategies? Don’t hesitate to share them here with us and our community.

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