How to play free Halloween slot machine

Halloween slot machine

Both the Halloween 25 lines and the 30 lines version can be accessed by the free version. You just need to be registered in the casino to enjoy it.

  • Register in the casino or login if you already have an account;
  • Search for Halloween slot machine;
  • Select the “play” option;
  • Set your preferences and start having fun!

You will find a screen with the same options as in the real money version. The difference is that there will be a fictitious balance to wager and winnings are not reversed into real funds.

This is a great option for those who try the game for the first time and want to test without risking in a bet for money.

How to win on Halloween

Halloween slot

Slots are games in which you need to rely on luck. But if this unpredictability can bring doubts to some, it keeps a fun dynamic for others.

There is no formula to always win in slots like Halloween. However, you need to keep some goals in mind:

  • Make combinations of 3, 4 or 5 elements on the lines you bet;
  • The more lines you bet, the more chances you have to win;
  • Make combinations that guarantee bonuses with free spins;
  • Study the rules to understand how the game works;
  • If the idea is to secure the jackpot, do not forget that you need to bet on all 30 lines;
  • You can play Halloween for free, but the only way to win real money is by placing a real bet;
  • Take advantage of casino bonuses to maximize your balance and be able to risk more in the game;
  • Remember to keep a responsible game. Know exactly how much you want and can invest in your fun.

How does the Halloween slot game work?

We will focus on presenting the option with 30 lines, but know that it is also possible to have fun with other types of slots Halloween, like Halloween 25 lines. 

If you have bet on other games of this modality, know that Halloween works in a very similar way. The goal is to form combinations of 3, 4 or 5 elements on the lines you bet.

Even in the game you can win prizes in zigzags and not only in the traditional formats as horizontal and vertical. The more lines the game offers, the easier it is to win a prize. Therefore, Halloween Vip 30 is a good alternative for those who are fans of the saga.

Types of bonuses

Halloween game

Halloween 30 lines offers three types of bonuses that can even guarantee free spins:

  • Witch’s house bonus: when 3 or more ghosts appear on the chosen line;
  • Choose your prize bonus: when 3 pumpkins appear on the bet line;
  • Control your destiny bonus: when 3 witches appear on the chosen line.


Not all symbols have the same value within the game. Some of them are only worth it when they appear 4 or 5 times, because before that, they pay a much smaller prize. This is the case with the witch, monster and magic symbols.

On Halloween 30, hope to match pumpkins, as they are the ones with the highest winnings. You can win up to 10,000 coins. Next, the ‘devil’ symbol is the second highest paying symbol. The scarecrow and Dracula have the lowest payouts.


Being the lucky one and taking the jackpot is one of the incentives of slot fans. And in Halloween Vip 30 you can compete for three big prizes. The values are always available on the game panel.

You have a chance to secure the jackpot in the slot game Halloween Vip 30 if you bet on all 30 lines. After that, it’s time to start rooting to form a combination of 5 pumpkins and win the biggest prize the house has to offer!

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