Only Murders in the Building: Review

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Most people have misconceptions about being a true crime fan. Just because you enjoy listening to crime stories, does not mean that you want to commit the same acts yourself. There’s a bit of stigma still associated with being a true crime fan. In reality, it’s a perfectly healthy way to entertain yourself. In a way, the thrill is similar to gambling. If you’re into playing games for cash prizes, Woo Casino Canada is one of the best destinations for entertainment. It can also train your brain to detect patterns and look for clues.

If you’re one of the true crime fans, you are probably familiar with true crime series on TV. Fortunately, Hulu is making another true crime series called “Only Murders in the Building”, which is a great watch. The three main characters are played by Selena Gomez, Steve Martin, and Martin Short. Contrary to popular belief, the young pop-star had great chemistry with the two comedy legends. Ultimately, the TV show turned out great. 

The final episode of the show hasn’t been released, so we still don’t know the ending. Contrary to what you might expect, the murder mystery show is not gloomy. The plot revolves around three individuals who find themselves involved in a murder case. The characters are true crime fans themselves, so they use their deduction and intelligence to find the killer. The show is full of drama and lies.

How the Ideas Behind the Show was Born

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The show was created by John Hoffman. The creator admits that the plot is partly based on his own experiences of dealing with death. In particular, he references the episode when Mable realizes that someone she’s no longer in touch with is now dead. The author says that he went through the same experience. He had lost contact with an old friend, who later committed suicide. Just like the characters, John himself took it upon himself to investigate the reasons for his friend’s passing. 

The best thing about this show is probably its ensemble. Martin Short and Steve Martin have proven chemistry, which is exacerbated by their natural sense of humor. The shows rarely get casting right, but “Only Murders in the Building” got not only that but also has fantastic writing as well.  Selena Gomez’s spark and convincing acting are what make the show so entertaining. Her character is a perfect companion to two comedy legends. Due to her connection with the murder victim, her character contributes to a heightened sense of tragicomedy. Her inclusion in the cast has given the show credibility and the quality to get everyone talking about it. The streaming service Hulu has certainly profited from it. The show had the most viewed debut of all other Hulu series. The success can also be attributed to heavy promotion by Selena Gomez, who has almost 260 million followers on Instagram alone. Her involvement in the show might make it more attractive to younger people and those who are not yet fans of true crime. “Only Murders in the Building” will likely be renewed for another season.

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