Top 7 Books for Gamblers

books for gamblers

Gathering valuable information on the Internet is not bad, but sometimes it is much nicer to pick up a book and immerse yourself in it with all your mind. Here are a few books that will be of interest to a lover of intellectual gambling battles at PlayAmo casino Canada.With them, you will surely improve your skills.

The Poker Player’s Bible

book of gambling

The book introduces such varieties of poker as Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Omaha High Low, Seven Card Stud, High Low. The book is primarily designed for beginners who are going to take a serious step in improving their game. There is a description of the basics of the game, the principles of the game, the starting hands.

Harrington on Cash Games: Volume 1

How to choose starting hands depending on your stack? What are your postflop strategies? What is the difference between playing alone and against several opponents? These and many other aspects of no-limit cash poker are covered in this book. An authoritative textbook, for those who want to win cash games.

Harrington on Cash Games: Volume 2

This edition continues the previous volume. How to play the turn and river? How about all-in? How to play with short stacks? How do you learn to play a live game, not online? The answers to these questions as well as other game secrets can be found in the second volume on no-limit cash games.

Your Worst Poker Enemy

The book tells you how to properly assess your strengths, recognize and control your emotions and fears. Many poker players admit that knowing the principles of the game isn’t often enough to win – understanding the psychology of the game is just as important. And even if you know enough about the rules, you’re bound to run into a lot of psychological problems at the table.

Alan Schoonmaker teaches you how to deal with these problems successfully. Although the book does not describe the rules and techniques of the game, it will really make you look at poker differently and re-evaluate your approach to the game. The player’s priority is to honestly and adequately evaluate his game in order to correct his shortcomings.

Super System: A Course in Power Poker

This is an excellent book, but it is not the undeniably best. Doyle Brunson and his co-authors are the real champions, and in this book they give advice on all popular varieties of poker. The book is somewhat outdated, but also very worthwhile. However, people who are not very intuitive can run into serious problems trying to mimic Brunson’s style in no-limit hold’em.

Texas Hold’em Odds and Probabilities: Limit, No-Limit, and Tournament Strategies

This book is much easier to read than other poker math books. More importantly, its author focuses on the practical application of math to make more meaningful decisions in the game.

The Theory of Poker

This book is intended for serious players only. However, you can read it when you reach an advanced level and then, when you finally become an advanced player, reread it more carefully. Rather than describing a single type of poker, Sklansky discusses theoretical concepts that apply to all games. The chapter “The Fundamental Theorem of Poker” contains some of the most original and useful material about poker.

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